I live in Lexington, Kentucky, a city that has smiled upon me since arriving in 2003. I am originally from Cleveland, Ohio, and wear that on my sleeve passionately, as I a lot of my aesthetic and brain wiring comes from that place, which I will always refer to as home. 

I've been creating melted crayon art for about 10 years off and on. I never stopped using crayons as an adult, and have long been bewildered as to their designation as simply an art tool for children.

I haphazardly decided I would buy a canvas and see where I could take crayon next. That continues every time I do a new piece - I have no road map (for better or worse). 

From the first time I got behind a video camera in college as a broadcast journalism major I loved the way I could frame the world around me. I oversaw photography for the College of Arts & Sciences at the University of Kentucky while I was the Assistant Director of Creative Content, and that's where I was able to dive into my photographic passion further. I'm still just an amateur photographer, but that's kind of the way I always want that relationship to stay. 

In most everything I do I like having an element of unknown and excitement that comes from not being an expert. I admire people who are complete master's of their craft, but that's really never been me.  

                              Making a joyful noise.                                Photo by Shaun Ring

                              Making a joyful noise.
                              Photo by Shaun Ring