Brian Connors Manke is an artist, photographer, and musician in Lexington. Actually, he occasionally sets crayons on fire but he wouldn’t consider himself an artist because of that; he revels in the moments he captures images of lines and light, but a professional photographer he is not; and he is beyond fortunate to play ridiculously loud trombone in a couple of bands, but he wouldn’t equate that to being labeled a musician. What he does consider himself is an amateur at most everything, and he enjoys the element of the unknown that comes along with not being an expert.

He has lived in Lexington, Kentucky since 2003, and is humbled at the amount of good fortune that he and his family have found in the Bluegrass. Although, most of his aesthetic and brain wiring is courtesy of his underdog of a hometown - Cleveland, Ohio.


Making a joyful noise.   Photo by Shaun Ring

Making a joyful noise.
Photo by Shaun Ring